Ragin’ Cajuns’ ‘crawfish helmet’ is just an April Fool’s gag ... but maybe it shouldn’t be _lowres

UL-Lafayette football coach Mark Hudspeth tweeted this picture from his personal account (@ULCoachHud) of a

LAFAYETTE — This isn’t actual news, but considering the reaction to Louisiana-Lafayette football coach Mark Hudspeth’s tweet on April Fool’s Day, some wish it was.

Hudspeth tweeted a picture from his personal account (@ULCoachHud) of a “new” helmet design for his football team featuring a black crawfish on a red helmet.

Hudspeth’s tweet included the text: “New home game helmets released at press conference today! #swag”

Of course, there was no press conference, and the helmet isn’t real.

The Cajuns weren’t the only school to join in the April Fool’s fun. Oregon disseminated a story that it would be installing an LED football field at Autzen Stadium. The faux news release included a video, artist renderings and a quote from Hank Scorpio, CEO of Globex Corporation. Scorpio is a fictional character from “The Simpsons.”

This is nothing new. Sports teams have been some of the most frequent offenders when it comes to dangling bait for fans April 1 each year.

And, perhaps because of the ubiquity of teams trying to dupe their fans with bogus announcements via social media April 1 the last couple years, nobody seemed to believe Hudspeth’s tweet.

That didn’t mean they didn’t like the possibility of a crawfish logo on the helmet.

Among the responses to Hudspeth’s tweet:

“That’s too good to be an April Fool’s joke.”

“I actually dig that.”

“This is going to back fire when people love it.”

“Please, please, please be real.”

Maybe the Cajuns are on to something with this fake helmet. But then again, that might be foolish thinking.