The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is double-checking the effectiveness of fixes put in place after Entergy discovered some employees weren’t following proper procedures back in 2016.

It’s part of a regular inspection schedule that will check everything from radiation monitoring to fire protection, according to an order released Tuesday. The NRC informed all the nuclear plants in the nation of its upcoming inspection schedule.

Entergy had reported that some employees at its nuclear facilities, including the River Bend Nuclear Station in St. Francisville, weren’t doing the inspections they were supposed to but signed off on the documentation as if they did, said Victor Dricks, NRC spokesman, said Wednesday. Employees are supposed to make periodic rounds to ensure everything is operating correctly.

NRC and Entergy officials agreed in March 2018 on a series of steps to ensure that plant employees understood the rules required the tasks be done without exception, Dricks said.

As part of the NRC schedule for Entergy, federal regulators in January will visit the utility’s nuclear headquarters in Jackson, Miss., to review records and interview employees to see how effective the procedures have been.

“In addition to strict standards, we have robust oversight models designed to pinpoint such violations, and Entergy in fact uncovered, corrected and self-reported these violations to the NRC,” said Michael Bowling, spokesman for Entergy Nuclear. He added that Entergy identified the issue and reported it to the NRC.

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