Advocate staff photo by LIBBY ISENHOWER King Cake from The Ambrosia bakery.

How much King Cake did you consume this Mardi Gras season? 

If it was fewer than 66 different varieties, one New Orleans man has you beat, according to a report from the Mid-City Messenger

Matt Haines, a Bywater resident, said he tried all 66 King Cakes — from 54 different eateries — this Carnival season for "research purposes." His experience comes with a handy spreadsheet, and ratings for each, he said in the report. 

“I didn’t realize how many insane and creative varieties [there are],” Haines said in the report.

Haines spreadsheet, titled "King Cake Goal Tracker" has grades ranging from A+ to B-, with commentary on each. 

Those graded with an A+ include Aunt Sally's Pralines; Bittersweet Confections; Croissant D'Or; Dong Phuong Bakery; Emeril's; La Boulangerie; Meche's; and Shake Sugary. 

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