Here are a few to consider.

When it comes to bridal bouquets, THERE ARE endless combinations of flowers, styles, stems and shapes. "You can always leave it up to the designer," says Trameka Jones of Villere's Florist, which supplied these bouquets. "We usually try to get a feel of what the bride likes, what her favorite flower is, and go from there." Here's a rundown of four popular bouquets.

Statement flowers

This bouquet of red roses may seem timeless, but Stephen Sonnier of Dunn & Sonnier Flowers says it's very on-trend. The deeper color of the roses and striking "flower-to-flower" look of a tighter round bouquet suits a more sophisticated fall or winter event. If roses aren't your thing, any other statement flower can up the ante of the classic round shape.

Nosegay-style bouquet

Typically smaller than a classic round bouquet, a nosegay bouquet is a "tight, French-style bouquet with nothing sticking out of the perfect surface," Sonnier says. A nosegay-style bouquet of pink daisies is perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

Cascade bouquet

"[Cascade bouquets] are making a huge comeback," Sonnier says. "I've had more brides in the past couple months ask for cascades than in my past 30 years." According to Sonnier, the last time cascades were popular was 1982, when Princess Diana carried one at her wedding.

Classic, casual crowd-pleaser

The simple rounded shape of this bouquet suits a whimsical outdoor wedding. "A loose, hand-tied arrangement is more garden-oriented," Sonnier says. "Even the stems matter: exposed stems reflect a more casual atmosphere, and covered stems are reserved for black-tie affairs."