Louisiana ranks 10th in a list of the Top 10 tornado states, The Weather Channel has reported.

The list was created by Weather Channel tornado expert Greg Forbes who analyzed National Weather Service statistics from 1991 to 2010.

Instead of taking the raw number of tornadoes to hit each state per year, Forbes checked out the tornado numbers per 10,000 square miles in each state. That method illustrates the states with the most tornadoes per square mile.

According to the list, Louisiana had 8.5 tornadoes per 10,000 square miles.

“(Studying tornadoes) is detective work but it’s also science work,” Forbes said in the report. “I realized in school that I wanted to specialize in severe weather and tornadoes because it was fascinating but also because I could maybe save some lives.”

The other states listed in the top 10 of Forbes’ report are Flordia, first, Kansas, second, Maryland, third, Illinois, fourth, Mississippi, fifth, Iowa, sixth, Oklahoma, seventh, South Carolina, eighth and Alabama, ninth.