With the tally of Hurricane Isaac damage claims rising, Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon has set a press conference at 1 p.m. Tuesday to discuss issues affecting policyholders, including an emergency rule that will help consumers and businesses

The press conference will be carried live on the Louisiana Department of Insurance website http://www.ldi.la.gov. Details of the emergency rule were not available early Tuesday.

After Hurricane Gustav in 2008, an emergency rule required health insurers to continue covering customers whose policies were in place Aug. 30, before the storm, until Oct. 1. The rule was designed to prevent those who evacuated from losing health coverage while they coped with moving, repairing their homes, and getting reorganized.

Meanwhile, State Farm’s Louisiana customers reached 8,995 homeowner’s and property damage claims at the beginning of the holiday weekend, according to the company. Auto damage claims rose to 2,640.

State Farm is Louisiana’s largest insurance company, with around 30 percent of the market.