Why did BREC have to shut down pools (for the summer) when it seems to have about $3 million for the proposed Knock Knock Museum? I understand that the library system will also be asked for money for the Knock Knock Museum.

Kristi Barnett Williams, BREC’s communications director, said East Baton Rouge Parish Recreation and Park Commission closed the six pools two weeks early due to low attendance and a high cost to provide the pools.

She said attendance drops after the Fourth of July and costs escalate to $51 per swimmer after the holidays.

“The pools we closed two weeks early are old and cost a lot of money to operate,” Williams said. “We operated the six pools for six weeks to teach children to swim. Kids are very interested in the new Liberty Lagoon and our new splash pads.”

Williams said the $3 million in BREC’s budget for the Knock Knock Museum is not tax revenue and does not come from taxpayers. She said it is dividend revenue from a stock portfolio donated to BREC from Alice and Warren Farr decades ago.

“BREC uses these donor-restricted funds on projects in line with the Farr family’s values, which were children’s programs, equestrian programs, literacy programs and regional development,” Williams said.

“The Knock Knock Children’s Museum will serve as a regional, family destination in City-Brooks Community Park. The BREC Commission and staff believe it will be a project that Alice and Warren Farr would have loved. The Knock Knock Board will be matching BREC funds more than one to one to complete the project as well as operating the facility after completion,” Williams said.

The Library Board of Control, in July, rejected a request for funding from the nonprofit organization that is seeking to build the children’s museum. The group had asked for $1 million to $3 million from the library system to create and operate a “mini library” in the proposed museum.

Homeowner’s policy

Could someone explain why on my homeowner’s insurance policy there is a box that states “other structures,” for which I do not have any, in the amount of $15,310? My insurance agent says that the Insurance Commissioner requires it, but that I do not pay for it. I don’t understand why there is a charge without a required payment for something I don’t have.

While the Louisiana Department of Insurance does approve the forms used by the insurance companies, the forms are actually created by the companies for use according to their own internal policies and procedures for conducting business. However, policy forms must comply with all Louisiana laws and not be misleading or unnecessarily confusing. When in question, your situation should be forwarded to the Louisiana Department of Insurance for investigation at http://www.ldi.la.gov or at (800) 259-5300.