Traditionally, St. Patrick’s Day ends the “freeze” season as we completed the last weekend of winter with spring starting Wednesday. Advancements in technology have also advanced the accuracy of long-range weather predictions. As noted in a previous column, on the Canadian prairie, pig farmer Gus Wickstrom has carried on a tradition handed down to him from his Swedish great-great-grandfather. He predicts the weather by examining pig spleens. Wickstrom believes that the depressions and fatty deposits on a 2-foot-long pig spleen can determine the weather. Gus attests that 80 percent of the time, the forecast is accurate for a 200-mile radius from the point where the pig was slaughtered. Another pig spleen examiner, Ken Porter, compared previous spleen forecasts with Environment Canada weather reports. Both forecasters have gone “hog wild” with amazing accuracies. Fastcast: Springy.


TODAY: Warm (partly cloudy) 80/61

MONDAY: Very Warm (Scattered showers) 82/55

TUESDAY: Seasonable (sun) 75/49

WEDNESDAY: Nice (partly cloudy) 70/50

THURSDAY: PM Rain (scattered showers) 71/56

FRIDAY: Rainy (rain) 74/52