Thanks to an observant resident in a Darrow subdivision, Ascension Parish Sheriff’s deputies were able to stop a burglary by armed men Thursday morning, said Chief Deputy Tony Bacala.

The men — booked on weapons, theft and burglary counts — live in the neighborhood, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

A 911 caller on Thursday described seeing one man armed with a handgun dropped off in Ascension Trace Subdivision by another man driving a blue Nissan truck, in which a bag holding long guns could be seen, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies found the first man, Brannon Ellis, 18, armed with a handgun, removing a dirt bike from a home on Fitzgerald Drive, and apprehended him after a short pursuit, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies then found a blue Nissan truck in the driveway of a Hemingway Drive home, which they learned was the home of Steven Joseph, the driver of the truck. Inside the home, the deputies found Joseph, 19, in the attic — there was a hole in the kitchen ceiling where he had stepped through — along with the long guns, Bacala said.

Detectives, who later took over the investigation, also found stolen bolt-action rifles and assault rifles in searches of Joseph’s and Ellis’ homes, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Ellis, of 5206 Seneca Drive, and Joseph, of 5128 Hemingway Drive, were each booked into the parish jail on counts of burglary of an inhabited dwelling, illegal carrying of weapons, criminal trespassing, damage to property, theft of firearms, simple burglary, theft of a motor vehicle and resisting an officer.

The counts include those related to the burglary of a shed in the same subdivision on June 10, when two dirt bikes were stolen, which haven’t been recovered.

Bail had not been set as of noon Friday.