For the fourth year in a row, Entergy Corp. ranked among the Top 100 companies in a “climate innovation index “ done by a risk analysis firm.

The Maplecroft index measures management, mitigation and adaptation in climate innovation, rating and reviewing more than 360 U.S. companies with a market capitalization of more than $1 billion. Maplecroft said the index is the most exhaustive study of the United States’ largest multinational companies and how they manage and adapt to climate change, with a special focus on innovation.

The companies are rated on more than 100 criteria, including: technological innovation and new working practices to combat climate change impacts; management of climate-related issues; adaptation to physical climate-related risks, such as flooding or more extreme weather events; and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Entergy’s strengths included identifying physical climate change risks, such as sea level rise, and establishing a business continuity team to assess potential impacts. The company also commissioned a widely cited evaluation of climate change adaptation measures for the U.S. Gulf Coast region and has conducted a series of workshops with community partners on enhancing coastal community resiliency to weather events and rising sea levels. As a part of its overall environmental strategy, Entergy has also established a long term target to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions at 20 percent below year 2000 levels through 2020.