The state Department of Environmental Quality announced an ozone action day for Tuesday in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

“While mostly cloudy skies will limit ozone formation in the northwest corner of the state, mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 90s will enhance ozone formation in central and southern Louisiana, leading to high-to-moderate AQI levels for ozone in Lake Charles, Thibodaux, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge,” according to a DEQ news release.

In New Orleans and Thibodaux, smoke from an Orleans Parish marsh fire will lead to higher levels of particle pollution on Tuesday.

Ozone forms when nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds - from industry, vehicle exhaust and other sources - combine in the air during hot and sunny days. If there isn’t much wind, this ozone pollution can accumulate and cause health problems.

As part of the action day, people are asked to take voluntary action to reduce ozone formation.

• Drive less. Carpool, walk and bike, combine errands and care for your car. Be sure your gas cap is on tight.

• Refuel your vehicle, mow grass and use gas powered lawn equipment and off road vehicles after 6 p.m.

• Postpone chores that use oil based paint, varnishes and solvents that produce flame.

• If you barbeque, use an electric starter instead of starter fluid.

• Take your lunch to work or walk to lunch.