Louisiana lies in the lower half of states when it comes to setting the maximum income limits that allow children to be eligible for free or low-cost health insurance, according to a report by the Foundation for Health Coverage Education.

To qualify for Louisiana Children’s Health Insurance Program, the maximum income for a family of four can have is $44,700, according to the report. Seventeen other states have the same limit.

The report found that where a person lives makes a big difference in the health coverage help a child can receive from government-sponsored programs.

North Dakota has the lowest-income limit at $35,760 for a family of four. New York is the highest at $89,400.

“The good news is that, by law, there is a CHIP program in every state. What we’ve found is most families are surprised at the income level they can make - as much as $78,000 annually in New Jersey - and still qualify their children,” said Phil Lebherz, founder and executive director. “Unfortunately, because each state’s CHIP program has income limits that vary, it’s difficult for families to know that, in times of need, their children could qualify for this comprehensive coverage.”