New Orleans — A New Orleans man and Metairie woman were arrested in separate incidents involving sex crimes with children.

New Orleans police booked Troy Domino, 43, with three counts of aggravated rape on Tuesday after police said he lured several young boys to his home with video games and then had sex with them. Domino is being held on $750,000 bond.

In a separate incident, police booked Emilie Cook, 25, with the trafficking of children for a sexual purpose after officers said she tried to instruct a 16-year-old girl on how to become an escort. Cook is being held on $15,000 bond.

According to court records, police were contacted by the grandmother of one of the young boys allegedly targeted by Domino last week. The woman told police that her 10-year-old grandson had been abused by Domino along with two other 11-year-old boys in their neighborhood.

Police said that the boys would go to Domino’s home on Sere Street to play video games. While there, Domino would encourage the boys to have sex with him and show them pornographic images on his cellphone and video game system. Police say they were able to locate an independent witness who corroborated the boys’ account. Domino was arrested without incident.

Cook’s case began in November when an NOPD detective working in the French Quarter said that Cook and the 16-year-old girl offered to have oral sex with him for $500.

The two women were arrested, and under questioning, the teenager admitted to being a minor. She was booked with prostitution, curfew violation and being a runaway from Jackson, Miss.

The teenager told police that she met Cook at her “boyfriend’s” home in Metairie and only knew her as “Bunny.” She said that Cook offered to take her to New Orleans to do some “tricking” and gave her a crash course on how to operate in the car ride to the French Quarter, court records said.

Cook told police a slightly different story. She said she was visiting a cousin when the teenager was dropped off at the home. She said they went to Bourbon Street to have a drink, but while there Cook recommended that they pursue some customers.

According to court records, Cook told police that she was an “independent contractor” who worked from appointments she made online. She said she only provided private dances and full body rubs. Police said she told them she rarely works as a prostitute.

Cook told police she was a college student with a child, and prostitution offered a way to make good money. She was offering the teenager a chance to get involved in the business, she said. Her charges stemmed from the fact that she transported the teenager to the French Quarter for prostitution, according to court records.