Louisiana led the nation in most electricity per capita generated from natural gas, according to a new analysis of data by EnergyTrends.org, a project of the Arlington, Va.-based Lexington Institute.

More than half of Louisiana’s electricity is generated by burning natural gas.

Louisiana had the third-highest rate of energy consumed per person, according to EnergyTrends.org, and received a renewable energy grade of “F.”

The grades account for both the amount of energy generated from renewable sources and the growth rate over a three-year period, as well as savings achieved in electricity use, state incentive programs for renewable energy, and other factors. Bonus points were awarded for categories such as grid-connected renewable installations, dynamic pricing for power utility consumers, and integration of electric vehicles.

The scoring is based on data from 2003-2010, the most recent year for which confirmed information is available. The website draws much of its data from the federal Department of Energy.