LSU again ranked No. 8 in’s 2012 Top 100 Social Media Colleges rankings, which includes data such as Facebook ban counts, and number and effectiveness of Twitter followers. cited LSU’s Digitial Media Festival, a celebration of undergraduates who produce intellectual and creative work using digital media. Students submitted their work through YouTube and Flickr.

“Social media has revolutionized university engagement,” Dean Tsouvalas, editor-in-chief of, said in news release. “The algorithm for the Top 100 takes into account student populations ranging from over 67,000 at Arizona State University to 1,100 at the University of Hawaii — West O’ahu.”

The use of image-sharing networks, including Pinterest and Instagram, has exploded, he said.

Tulane University ranked No. 72. Tulane held a symposium called “Taming the Dragon: The Ethics of Doing Business in the World of Social Media with national social media experts.”

The top five social medical colleges were Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Notre Dame, Columbia University, and Stanford University.