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LSU is releasing plans for how to hold classes despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

LSU is making changes to classroom sizes and the academic calendar to create a safe environment for students when they return to class on Aug. 24

Large classes with more than 100 students will be held totally online, with little to no exceptions. Small classes with fewer than 10 people are allowed to fully meet in person unless otherwise noted by the professor.

Medium-sized classes, with 11-99 students, will be more flexible. Some will be held in classrooms that are twice as large as normal, while others will only require half the class attend on either day, with the rest learning virtually.

In-person classes will follow a 50 percent occupancy rule.

Face coverings must be worn at all times with the appropriate six feet of distance between each person.

Students, faculty and staff must continue to follow CDC and state social distancing guidelines during the return to campus. Enhanced cleaning will take place in all classrooms and buildings before and after each class.

LSU has also made “quiet spaces” available in buildings across campus for students who are on campus during the time of their virtual class. The quiet spaces are not general study areas and are meant specifically for virtual class work. 

The spaces are available from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. in the following buildings:

  • Allen 131 (20 spaces)
  • Coates 130 (20 spaces)
  • Coates 234 (20 spaces)
  • Tureaud 215 (20 spaces)
  • Library Study Carrels on 2nd and 4th floors (100 spaces total)
  • LSU Library 232 (15 spaces)
  • Union Quiet Zone (20 spaces)
  • Union Evangeline (12 spaces)
  • Barnes and Noble Event Room (25 spaces)

The university also announced in June that other precautions would be taken to prevent an outbreak caused by travel during the semester. Fall break -- which was scheduled for October 8-9 -- is cancelled and all classes and finals will go online after Thanksgiving break -- November 25-27.

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