An electrical vehicle maker with a factory in Vivian and DeLorean Motor Co. Inc. will be the composites manufacturer for the new DeLorean Electric Vehicle slated for production next year, according to a news release.

Epic Electrical Vehicles and DeLorean Motor Co. will use a new lightweight resin-infused composite body for the electric car. Epic’s new composite body design is 200 pounds lighter than the original with greater roof crush and side-impact strength than the cars built in the 1980s. The design also means more batteries can fit in the vehicle, giving it a greater range and durability while providing passengers with more protection.

“It was important for the DMCEV to not just have an advanced drivetrain but to also decrease the weight and improve the safety of these new vehicles,” DeLorean Chief Executive Officer Stephen Wynne said in the news release.

“We had aggressive targets for this new body structure and Epic EV exceeded those by a wide margin. We can’t wait to provide our customers with new DMCEV’s that utilize this new advanced composites technology and the fact that the original DeLorean cars can also be retrofitted with this new composite body structure further broadens the appeal,” he said.

Vista, Calif.-based Epic designs and makes electric vehicles for land and water. It’s factory, known as Epic South, is in Vivian.

DeLorean Motor Co., based in Humble, Texas, bought the original company’s name in 1995. DeLorean services, restores and sells DeLorean cars, parts, accessories and merchandise.