Friday’s thundershowers brought the earthworms to the surface. When I was a young lad, we called them “night-crawlers” — large earthworms that didn’t like the wet, but fish loved ’em. If a shower didn’t get them moving, the garden hose did. We’d wet-down a section of the yard around 7 p.m. and gather the night-crawlers. As noted in a previous column, folks in Florida’s Apalachicola National Forest still practice the art of “grunting”: rubbing a curved steel bar over a planted wooden stake creates a strange sound. The vibrations annoy the worms, driving them to the surface. Thousands pour out of the ground, becoming prime fishing bait. Local grunters earn $1,000 in three hours for 5,000 worms. Due to today’s showers, you may not be fishing but possibly will do some grunting. Fastcast: Soggy.


TODAY: Wet Again (Rain Icon) 80/61

SUNDAY: Dry-Out (Partly Cloudy Icon) 81/57

MONDAY: Comfortable (Sunny Icon) 82/56

TUESDAY: Stayin’ Dry (Sunny Icon) 83/64

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