District Attorney Hillar Moore III may ask voters to approve a property tax on the November ballot to generate $10 million annually for his office which is operating in a budget deficit.

Moore said in a letter Friday morning that Mayor-President Kip Holden’s $748 million bond proposal for East Baton Rouge Parish fails to adequately address the needs of the District Attorney’s office.

While Moore said he supports the bond proposal’s inclusion of a new Parish Prison and juvenile detention complex, he said the bond issue does not address the lack of overall financing for his office.

“Our parish’s continued inability to locate stable, sufficient, and recurring sources of funding for the District Attorney’s office is negatively impacting my office’s ability to respond to these growing threats to public safety,” he said.

If additional funding could not be added to the mayor’s current bond proposal, Moore is proposing a 10-year, 3.5-mill property tax that would provide $10 million annually, on top of the city-parish funding of $4.7 million annually.

Holden revealed the details of his third attempt at a bond proposal - a combination of new sales taxes and property taxes - late last week. The bond issue will be split up into three parts for voters to choose from: public safety, infrastructure and economic development.

The bond issue will only go to voters if it is approved by the Metro Council by Aug. 10.