Former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu has yet to play a down as a professional football player, but he already leads the National Football League in one thing: drawing attention to himself.

First, there were the numerous interviews in which Mathieu claims to have given up marijuana, which was the reason for the failed drug tests that resulted in his being kicked off the LSU football team last year.

Then there was Mathieu on the cover of ESPN The Magazine for its NFL draft preview.

Mathieu tweeted Wednesday that he’s inviting people to his NFL draft party. The lucky venue is the SL night club on 9th and Washington (just in case you’re going to be in the New York City area.) The chosen musician is Crespo.

The instagram picture of the party invitation originally had “THURSDAY, APRIL 25TH 2013 NFL DRAFT PARTY FOR FIRST ROUND PICK TYRANN MATHIEU.”

But Mathieu, being the defensive back that he is, has already started backpedaling for better coverage.

“I didn’t say I was going 1st round.. I Did not approve that part of the flyer...” he tweeted a few hours later.

The instagram picture has been removed as well.

Unfortunately for Mathieu, he couldn’t stop the media from intercepting the photo before he could remove it.