The cost for home health aide services in Louisiana has risen just 1.4 percent in the last five years, leaving the state well below the median cost nationwide, according to Genworth’s 2012 Cost of Care Survey.

The median cost nationally for homemaker services is $18 per hour while the median cost for home health aide services is $19 per hour. Half of the states have higher expenses than the median, and half have lower expenses.

The median hourly cost for homemaker services in Louisiana has increased 3 percent annually over the past five years, while the hourly cost of home health aide services has increased 1.4 percent over the same period of time.

“Overwhelmingly, Americans prefer to receive long term care in the home and the relatively muted rise in home care costs nationally over the past few years can be viewed as a positive for consumers in Louisiana,” Steve Zabel, senior vice president of Long Term Care at Genworth, said in an news release.

Nationally, the median annual cost for care in an assisted living facility is $39,600. The cost in Louisiana is $37,200.

However, while costs have risen 5.7 percent a year for the past years nationally, Louisiana’s long term care costs rose by 7.5 percent a year.