If you want to rid the world of evil, intolerance, hate and bigotry it is quite simple. Outlaw religion. For religion is the genesis of all that is wrong in the world. In one way or another, the hatred on this planet can be traced to religious teachings.

Take a look at the Bible and the Koran. There is not two cents worth of difference between them. Throughout both books, one can find genocide, murder, intolerance, rape, misogyny and any other negative act of which humans care to think about. To wit:

  • Exodus 21:7-10: You can sell your daughter into slavery and allow her master to rape her.
  • Leviticus 19:20-22: You can rape your female slave and be forgiven, but the slave must be punished.
  • Exodus 22:16-17: You can rape a virgin, but you must marry her and pay her father a dowry of virgins.
  • Quran II/223: Women are yours to do what you please.
  • Quran IV/34: Allah created women for men’s enjoyment. Punish any who rebel against your desires.
  • Quran IV/15: If your woman is lewd, confine her until her death.

It is a wonder that women are involved in religion.

There are, of course, many more such horrible teachings in both books. However, the intelligent reader certainly gets the gist.

For thousands of years, I would have had this discussion at great peril, risking my life. But now religion puts on a new, friendly face, being forced to do so because of the advances of science and the greater knowledge of humans in general. So much for the inerrant word of God. But let us not forget how religion behaved when it was strong and was convinced that it was doing the bidding of some god.

Religion is a blight on the human race and unfortunately is telling of the gullibility and fears of Homo sapiens. Some mammals of our species are so afraid of death that they invented this silly afterlife in heaven where all is just wonderful — but only for the true believers. Everyone else, unfortunately, is following a false religion and will burn and be tortured for eternity.

Religion is only perpetuated by indoctrinating young humans while they are still quite impressionable. If that brainwashing was made illegal, religion would dry up in very little time. No one educated to think independently and with logic could believe the silly stories in these so-called Holy books. They are clearly written for men by men, and not even well written.

There are many contradictions and omissions between versions. And what does that say about the word of some god when his book has versions?

Michael Polito