Beginning today, we’re making The Advocate more entertaining and easier to read.

The first thing we hope you’ll notice is that we have a new section, called EatPlayLive, designed to keep you up to date on the latest trends in health, homes, cuisine, the local theater and art scenes, entertainment and lifestyles. In today’s section, we bring you the ultimate tailgating fan, the latest gallery shows, parties galore and, of course, books and travel.

On Mondays, EatPlayLive will focus on healthy living; Thursdays will feature The Advocate’s popular food coverage; Fridays will be devoted to homes and gardens; and Saturdays will offer religion coverage.

Despite all of these changes, some things will remain the same: EatPlayLive will include all of the features that previously appeared in our pages, from comics and puzzles to TV listings and community events.

Also today, we’ve redesigned our section fronts to make them bolder and more colorful. And we’ve added new headline typefaces that should make our pages easier to read.

We hope you’ll like these changes, and we’re anxious to hear your suggestions on how we can do even better.

Reach out to us by calling (225) 388-0330 or sending us a note at