So you think the scary talk of a nuclear showdown between North Korea and the United States is big news? Nope.

Well, the daily screed about gun control vs. a gun in every pot is certainly big news. Nope.

The chatter from the Louisiana state house about whether the governor’s tax swap will pass muster, now that’s big news, right? Nope.

Those are big stories and ones all of us are truly concerned about. But, there is a hard-core group of women, according to my Facebook site (real news), who have far greater concerns right now.

What’s bugging them is that the next installment of the TV series “Scandal” won’t be aired for three weeks.

“I can’t believe “Scandal” is going to keep us on hold until April 25! Are they serious?” said one concerned viewer on Facebook.

“My news feed exploded with noooooooo!” another viewer said, after the “Scandal” groupies discovered it will be three weeks before they see where this turn of events is headed.

The conundrum on social media got so bad last night across the country that Shonda Rhimes, the producer of “Scandal,” tweeted “I am not responsible for when shows air. I do not have anything to do with the fact that we are not on for 3 weeks.”

To which someone wrote: “Oooooh now the Scandal Crackhead Community has gone and ticked off our dope dealer.”

Some “Scandal” followers comment every two or three minutes during the show. Others claim they can’t breathe after some scenes.

For the five of you who don’t know about “Scandal,” it is an hour-long show that women, especially African-American women, have gravitated to over the past two seasons. It is a political thriller starring Kerry Washington, who plays Olivia Pope, a combination of crisis management firm owner, public relations person and police detective.

She is in love with the president of the United States and they have sex. When they are not having sex, they are thinking about it. The POTUS and his wife don’t get along. But when he is not with his wife, he is thinking about having sex with Olivia Pope.

Olivia Pope has been a crisis manager for the POTUS and others. She has a collection of superintelligent assistants (but not as smart as Olivia Pope) and one guy who has a computer system that is faster and more powerful than anything the Pentagon can muster. And when Olivia Pope is not managing a crisis, she is having sex or dreaming about sex with the president.

There are some weird twists and some whodunit moments in the show, but those are generally speed bumps on the way to Olivia Pope and POTUS thinking about or having sex with each other.

Olivia Pope had sex with someone else on Thursday night, so now the legion of followers are going apoplectic. But, they won’t learn where that’s headed for three weeks.

“They hype us up, the hour goes by in a blink then they cut us off for three weeks. … They have to get it together over their (sic) on ABC!” was one response.

Well, by now I know someone is asking, how do I know so much about this show? Well I am somewhat of a social scientist, so I am observing human behavior and how people react to certain stimuli.


Ed Pratt is a former Advocate editor. He is assistant to the chancellor for media relations at Southern University. His email address is