Three Osprey were rescued as chicks from the recent rising floodwaters of the Atafalaya and Mississippi Rivers, and then released back into their home environment in Cow Island Lake, La. Two months after they were plucked from nests to protect them from rising floodwaters and alligators, two young osprey are back where they hatched. Released atop a floating duck blind in Cow Island Lake, they flew strongly in opposite directions, but with very different results. The first landed safely and was joined by an adult. The other flew out of sight but wound up in the water. Rehabilitators think it may have had trouble landing. It was left at a nearby camp, with fresh fish to eat and plans to check on it later. A third osprey?s wing feathers were damaged , possibly during the cross-state trip from a rehabilitator in Lake Charles, where six younger birds also are awaiting release.