The Baton Rouge metro area ranked No. 89 overall in the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program’s MetroMonitor, a quarterly index of economic recovery for the country’s 100 largest metro areas.

The Baton Rouge area’s first-quarter ranking was seven spots lower than its slot during the last three months of 2012. The MetroMonitor tracks the largest metro areas’ economic performance since the recession ended.

The Baton Rouge area ranked No. 62 in employment growth, No. 92 in the jobless rate, 28th in housing prices, and No. 67 in gross metropolitan product, a measurement of the goods and services produced by the area.

“The economic news varies widely, depending on where you live,” Alec Friedhoff, a research analyst with the Metropolitan Policy Program and lead developer of the MetroMonitor, said in a news release. “Texas metros weren’t hit as hard in the recession, and their recovery remains stronger. Certain high-tech regions, manufacturing centers, and places in the Mountain West have rebounded recently. But parts of the West and Florida, and regions where government employment was important, are struggling due to a fragile housing market and public sector job cuts.”