Baton Rouge-based specialty chemicals maker Albemarle Corp. announced Thursday it has expanded its line of Earthwise products with a new eco-friendly flame retardant for use in polystyrene.

The new technology, licensed from Dow Global Technologies LLC, is not toxic, does not persist in the environment or bioaccumulate in food chains and does not pose a risk to people or ecosystems.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, PBT, or persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic, chemicals move easily among air, water and land, and can span geography and generations.

Albemarle expects to commercialize the new technology in 2014, and the firm also expects the new technology to become the preferred choice for meeting critical fire safety requirements in polystyrene.

Polystyrene is used to make a variety of items, including foam board, plastic foam peanuts, insulation, and disposable cutlery.