Baton Rouge Gallery, 1515 Dalrymple Drive, is featuring the latest works from three of its artist members — Rosemary Goodell, Craig McCullen and Amy James — in its October exhibition.

The artists’ shows will run noon to 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays until Oct. 31. Admission is free.

Goodell reforms the familiar to craft a hopeful moment in her newest exhibition, “Quirky Gardens.” Using monotyping as her outlet, Goodell creates a one-of-a-kind layered print that reflects a particular personal moment.

The process of monotyping involves applying ink or paint to a copper, zinc or glass printing plate and then pressing the plate onto a final surface. Goodell constructs depth within her monotypes by layering the images, occasionally applying transparent layers to the surface to create ghost images that she can then manipulate by brushing, pouring or spraying ink.

Goodell has been an artist member since 1982.

In McCullen’s exhibition, “Some Assembly Required & Curious Glassworks,” he allows beauty to be created in the eye of the beholder. By grouping together abstract shapes, McCullen hopes to elicit the taste and creativity of the onlooker, in order to permit the viewer to complete the final image in their imagination.

McCullen has been an artist member since 1987. He is the owner of Whoojoo Glass Studio and Art Gallery in Lafayette, which displays his art as well as the art of other Southwest Louisiana Artists.

In “Wed,” James provides a peek behind the veil. Through black and white photography, she takes viewers past the posturing of wedding ceremonies, to reveal private moments of imperfection and vulnerability.

Until recently, James was unmarried. As a photographer, she was a vital, active participant, though standing outside the link of matrimony. Now she shares her journey.

James has been an artist member since 2003.

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