BalletX is all about pushing the boundaries of classical ballet. So is Edgar Anido.

Anido, who brought his edgy “Decisions” dance to Baton Rouge Ballet a few years ago returns with the Philadelphia-based BalletX on Thursday, Oct. 1, to push the boundaries even more.

The performance marks the beginning of Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre’s 2015-16 season.

Anido will be among BalletX’s 10 company dancers performing three pieces.

“This is my second season with BalletX,” said Anido, who was between rehearsals in Philadelphia. “And I love what we do. We continue with the classical lines of ballet but in a more modern aspect. Our dances are contemporary, and our repertoire doesn’t belong to just one person — it belongs to the entire company.”

BalletX, which will be performing “Slump,” “Risk of Flight” and “The Last Glass,” has been billed as Philadelphia’s premier contemporary ballet company for forging new dance works highlighting not only grace but athleticism and emotion.

Company founders Christine Cox and Matthew Neenan choreograph some dances while bringing in other innovative choreographers from throughout the world to encourage formal experimentation while preserving rigorous technique.

“The dancers are sometimes included in choreographing,” Anido said. “Last year, I was among three dancers in the company who came together and choreographed a piece for a small gala. That was very rewarding.”

Anido’s time was limited while working with the Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre on “Decisions” during his previous visit.

“It was my first time to choreograph an all-female dance,” he said with a laugh. “It was different, but it was interesting, and they continued to work on their own after I left. I asked them to send me some videos so I could see their progress, and, though I wasn’t there for the performance, I saw it on video. And they did a beautiful job. They’re a great company.”

Anido was born in Santa Clara, Cuba, where he graduated from the National School of Ballet in Havana. He then joined to Camaguey Balle, as a soloist in 1999 and was invited to be principal dancer of the Central Theatre Ballet of Guayaquil, Ecuador, in 2002. The Ballet Gamonet in Miami brought him to the U.S. in 2005.

“I was dancing with the Complexions dance company when the Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre asked me to choreograph ‘Decisions’ for them,” he said. “I enjoyed the company and the city, and I’m looking forward to returning.”