Kids get to watch dance, learn to dance at summer library tour _lowres

Photo provided by the Cangelosi Dance Project -- Company members Hannah Willson and Aaron Ryan will perform in the Cangelosi Dance Project's summer library tour, "Cycles of Classic Dance."

You’ll learn about space, time and energy and how it all fits together to create a dance.

Then you’ll learn how you fit into that scheme to become a part of the dance.

It happens every time the Cangelosi Dance Project takes its summer library tour. Kids in the audience know they’re going to do more than watch a performance.

“Kids are always excited when we go to the libraries,” says Kris Cangelosi, the contemporary dance company’s founder, owner and artistic director. “They can’t wait to get in there with us after we show them a dance.”

The library tour is part of the Cangelosi Dance Project’s outreach program, which brings dance performances to some communities that may not have access to such performances.

The next tour stops will be Thursday, June 12, at the Zachary and Pride-Chaneyville branch libraries.

“Not everyone in these communities have a way to get downtown to see us perform at the Manship Theatre,” Cangelosi says. “So, we bring it to them this way.”

“Cycles of Classic Dance’ is this year’s tour theme. Note the word, “classic,” in the title. The dance styles here won’t be in the classical genre but in classic styles of contemporary and modern dancing.

And these dances will portray concepts of friendship, trust, introspect and, best of all, fun.

“Well teach them how space, time and energy come together in creating dance,” Cangelosi says. “We’ll have the audience identify patterns of technical connection, as well as expressive energy.”

Dancers then will perform a dance phrase bringing these elements together. Then audience members get to perform.

Only eight company members are on the tour to allow room for audience dancers.

“We’re performing in a small space, so we want to allow as much room as we can for the kids,” Cangelosi says. “There are some places that request us to be there each year. We really look forward to performing at these places, because we’ve watched a lot of kids grow up there. Some of the kids started coming to see us when they were 6; now they’re 12.”

And some children are inspired to enroll in Cangelosi’s children’s dance classes after taking part in a library performance. So get ready. Remember to wear comfortable clothes, and don’t forget your dancing shoes, because the Cangelosi Dance Project is coming to a library near you.

  • CAST: Hannah Willson, Aaron Ryan, Mimi Gianfala, Angelique Francois, Elise Marchand, Lindyn Kim, Sophie Davis, Donalyn Norris.