Want to learn more about wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle and Schrodinger’s cat??

LSU Theatre Lab is set to offer one of the most relaxed, informal and entertaining opportunities to learn about physics. It will offer a free sneak preview of scenes from its upcoming production, Copenhagen, at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 13, in Room 135 of the Music & Dramatic Arts Building.

The performance is part of SciArt, LSU Theatre’s new conversation series where art meets science. Along with the sneak preview, those in attendance will also be able to hear LSU Department of Physics and Astronomy Professor Ravi Rau discuss the science behind this Tony Award-winning play.

Written by playwright Michael Frayn, Copenhagen is based around an event - a meeting between the physicists Niels Bohr and Werner Hesienberg in 1941. The meeting largely remains a mystery to historians and scientists. Now deceased, Bohr and Heisenberg - with the help of Bohr’s wife, Margrethe - struggle to reconstruct this mysterious event, a conversation which may have saved Europe from nuclear destruction at the hands of the Third Reich.

Weaving in the pair’s famous theories of uncertainty and complementarity, Frayn crafts a moving story about personal ambition, political devotion and ultimately redemption.

Official performances of Copenhagen, directed by David Coley, will be at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, Sept. 20-24, and 2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 25, in the Studio Theatre in the LSU Music and Dramatic Arts Building, Dalrymple Drive on campus.

Admission is $10. Tickets are available only at the door. For more information, call (225) 578-4174.