Each week The Advocate asks a different “quiz taker” for his or her current favorites in pop culture.

QUIZ TAKER: Megan Andrews, 37; owner, EG=MC3 LLC, an event planning company; West Feliciana Parish director of parks and recreation; planner of Zachary’s ZFest festival, Thursday through Sunday.

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: “Randy Houser. Trying to learn every song he has so I know what I am supposed to be singing when he comes to perform at ZFest on March 23.”

WHAT I’M READING: “Duh, that’s easy — The Advocate. I love mystery novels. My niece makes fun of me for loving to read medical, psychology and (my favorite) self-help books.”

WHAT I’M WATCHING: “I don’t watch TV or movies — not enough time in my schedule to justify watching TV. If I am at the movies, it’s because I am trying to spend time with a friend doing something they enjoy.”

WHERE I’M SURFING (ON THE INTERNET): “Http://www.ZFest.us and Facebook.”

WHAT’S YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE? “Oh oh! I absolutely love peanut butter or hazelnut butter mixed with anything and everything! I do mean everything, and if people knew some of my mixes they would think I’m crazy.”


What do you do when you get free time?

“I am involved in so many organizations. I love being a part of these organizations and I do get self-satisfaction out of giving my time, but the two things I do just for me: Finding an open field or grassy area when no one is around and tumbling. I dance, tumble and choreograph routines. I love gymnastics, and I still want to be able to tumble when I am 80. Ha! I am currently taking adult gymnastics classes two nights per week. My life truly revolves around traveling. I am constantly planning my next trip! The greatest inventions are those things that take you to other places. I travel to learn and grow, to challenge myself, stretch my limits and foster an appreciation of both the world at large and the chair waiting in front of my fireplace back home.”

Kyle Peveto

Advocate staff writer