Bo Bienvenu, of Prairieville, says, “I just attended my 50-year reunion, and have a few observations:

“Gray hair, lack of hair, fat, wrinkles, limps, lumps etc. can’t hide real beauty.

“True friendships are only interrupted, not terminated, by distance and time.

“Old people lie — a lot. ‘You haven’t changed a bit,’ ‘I would have recognized you anywhere,’ etc., etc.

“Other people age much faster, and have had so much eyesight deterioration they couldn’t recognize me.”

Slow news day?

Ronnie Stutes says he was surprised to see that the lead story in Wednesday’s Advocate, with a big banner headline, was about a guy buying a newspaper:

“Generally, when I buy a newspaper there is not that much fanfare.”

Special delivery

Chuck Falcon, of Donaldsonville, says our mention of drug stores delivering medications “reminded me of what my friend J.B. Castagnos once told me.

“He said he had peddled drugs for a living, but it didn’t pay what it does today.

“After seeing the expression on my face, he went on to explain that he had worked at a local drug store that delivered medications by bicycle.”

A river home

Bill Quinn says our tale of the British couple with a second home near Natchez, Miss., “reminded me of our experience.

“For a decade we enjoyed living on the Tickfaw River in Springfield.

“One day a young man was stranded on our property when his SeaDo died.

“My wife Susan and I became friends with his parents, who were from Germany. They were quite well off, and spent years touring the USA to see were they wanted to live.

“They could have lived anywhere in the world. You guessed it … they lived on the Tickfaw River in Springfield!

“He was a descendant of the Russian tsars. A Russian tsar at the Prop Stop — who would have guessed it?”

(I don’t know, Bill — I’m sure stranger people than that have dropped by the Prop Stop from time to time …)

Good Samaritans

Rob Lewis tells of a run of bad luck experienced by his sister and his brother-in-law, Hardy Cutrer, and some “incredible” people who helped them:

“Hardy, just retired from Exxon after 30 years, was on the way home after picking up their minivan, with my sister following.

“An SUV pulled out in front of her, she hit it and it flipped.

“Hardy came back when he saw she was not behind him, and was walking over to her vehicle when he was struck by a truck.

“Several of his co-workers have been visiting him at Our Lady of the Lake, and they have brought in truckloads of material to build a ramp at his house. One has been cutting his grass.

“Exxon and Baton Rouge have some amazing, beautiful people. God bless them all!”

Unsung heroes

Marlene Penick congratulates WAFB-TV on its 60th anniversary, and says, “I am proud to have been a part for many of those years, and would like to acknowledge the many men and women in sales, traffic, production, etc., who have been a major part of its success.

“They spent hours of blood, sweat and tears getting all the wonderful TV personalities onto ‘the big picture.’”

Old Remedies Dept.

Ben Roussel, of Vancouver, Wash., says the famed Dr. Tichenor’s radio commercials with Cajun Pete are on the Dr. Tichenor’s website,

He adds, “I remember my grandmother using a black ointment on me when I had a cut or scrape. Anyone remember what it was called?”

Scout Night

“A Night of Character” will be held by the Istrouma Area Council of the Boy Scouts at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the LSU Rural Life Museum.

There will be live and silent auctions, dinner and music by Tout Les Soir.

The event benefits the council’s Character Program for at-risk youths.

Contact Christi Domingue-Rangel at (225) 247-9974 or

Mama’s boy

Kathleen Talmadge says a friend who works at a local plant had one of the guys tell her this after he got engaged:

“I told my girlfriend, if we get married you have to love and help me take care of my mama. I only have one mama, but I can always get a new wife!”

Kathleen calls this “a cute Mother’s Day story.” I call it ominous…

Typical grandpa

Danny Hogan has this grandparent story:

“One night as we were walking into McDonald’s with the grandkids, my 7-year-old grandson Issac asked me if he could get a Happy Meal, which has a toy in it.

“Sophia, my 5-year-old granddaughter, said to Issac, ‘You don’t have to ASK Poppie, because he never says NO.’”

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