Dubbed America’s “Greatest Generation,” the World War II generation has seen it all.

Its members went from gathering around the radio as a family to gathering around the TV, from party line telephones to cellphones, from snail mail to email and texting. They experienced the dropping of the atomic bomb and saw men walk on the moon. They lived through the Depression, the Civil Rights movement and rock ‘n’ roll, as their children — the Baby Boomers — challenged everything they held dear. And all of this was reflected in the fashion of the times.

The West Baton Rouge Museum teamed up with Hemline@LSU Dec. 9 for a historically inspired runway show in conjunction with its current “Our Lives, Our Stories: America’s Greatest Generation” exhibit, which runs through Jan. 6. “When & Where: Threads of a Generation” featured original designs, restyled looks and illustrations inspired by fashions from 1910 through the ’60s created by students in LSU’s Textiles, Apparel Design & Merchandising Department.

The winners included:

DESIGN:Melissa Duong, first place; Emily Melancon, second; and Paige Cisneros, third.

STYLING:Ella Rose, first place; Duong, second; and Lauren Parker, third.

ILLUSTRATION:Rose, first place; Vanessa Barnfeather, second; and Genola Hurst and Abbey Vitrano, third.

Judges for the competition, which had a $100 prize in each of the three categories, were Elise Blewster, Elizabeth Brantley, Jeanne Triche and Evva Wilson.

Annie Etzel’s design won fan favorite.

Hair and makeup for the fashion show was by Beehive Salon.