Sandra Brown delivers a Hitchcockian thriller that reads like a bullet with her new novel, “Lethal.”

Honor Gillette and her 4-year-old daughter live near the Louisiana bayou. Honor is still grieving the accidental death of her husband a few years earlier. She couldn’t give up the home that she shared with the love of her life.

Her comfort of solitude is shattered when Lee Coburn arrives in her yard. Coburn is injured, but that doesn’t stop him from taking Honor and her daughter hostage. He is responsible for shooting several people in a warehouse, and is desperate for a vital document that Honor’s husband had hidden away.

Honor has no idea what Coburn is after, but he doesn’t believe her. She must delve into her husband’s past and force herself to dig into secrets she had no idea existed. Soon she begins to question the motives of her close friends and family. Her only hope of survival is with her kidnapper.

Quality romantic suspense is challenging to write since readers already know the main characters will initially hate each other but later fall in love. The best of the genre juggle strong characters that resonate with readers’ emotions with jaw-dropping plot twists.

“Lethal” delivers all that and more.

No one is better in the genre than Brown, and she has written her best book to date.