Walking out to get the paper in the morning, I look over to the garden and think, “Soon, I’ve got to get in there.” Then, the cool morning becomes another day of temperatures in the high 90s with a heat index pushing 110, and thoughts of a cool-weather garden evaporate.

There are some things I must do soon to have a fall garden, and I’ll devote some early morning hours to that preparation. I have to pull the morning glory vines that cling to the dirt where I’ll plant lettuce and sugar snaps. And there’s “bush killer” vine to be pulled.

I’ll turn the dirt with a shovel, pulverize it with a hoe and add compost. After years of adding compost, the clumps of loose dirt fall apart in a most satisfying way.

Plant seed now for lettuce, parsley and beans. Soak the parsley seed overnight to help germination and plant the seed where the parsley will receive mostly morning light.

Lettuce is tricky while it’s still hot, but seed’s cheap. I have good luck with leaf lettuce as opposed to lettuce that makes heads. Last year, I planted arugula and romaine seed and had lettuce for salads until spring.

I had to plant sugar snaps a couple of times, but I was glad I did. We had sugar snaps through late winter.

It’s not easy to think about homegrown vegetables in the heat of late August and early September, but short sessions in the garden pay off later.