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From left, Jay Ducote, Lindsey Duca, Chuck Pierce and T-Bob Hebert play the characters in 'The Night Shift,' a Dungeons and Dragons-based podcast by Guaranty Media.

Dungeons and Dragons, the popular fantasy role-playing game, long ago morphed into television, film, books and all sorts of paraphernalia. Now, it's a local podcast, too.

"The Night Shift," which has begun airing on YouTube and podcast platforms, is a real-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast that features T-Bob Hebert, former LSU football player; Lindsey Duga, local young adult author published by Scholastic; Jay Ducote, food network star and restauranteur; and Chuck Pierce, longtime radio DJ in Baton Rouge, Guaranty Media announced Monday.

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They weave a collaborative story with the dungeon master, Trent Hill, from a video and audio studio at Guaranty Media on Government Street in Baton Rouge — a tale that is subject to the whims of dice rolls and the whimsy of the players. This is the first of a number of podcast/videocast projects that will be rolled out by the Guaranty Podcast Network over the next few months.

“It’s been in the works for two years and we’re thrilled to debut it," said Jay Parker, digital content director at Guaranty Media. "It has taken a ton of time, but we’ve had so much fun making it. At this point we have almost 30 episodes ready before showing the first one.”

"The Night Shift" is a comedic podcast based on anti-hero characters. Ducote plays Timbo Everdure, a human barbarian from Down Under; Pierce is Atilis the Haunted, a warlock; Duga is Kestral Khakris, described a "half-elf druid and plant whisperer" in the YouTube introductory video; and Hebert is Tom Bombo, a bard and adventure-seeker. The fantasy setting of the podcast allows them to build a world both magical and silly.

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This is the first podcast that’s a part of the Guaranty Podcast Network, which will eventually offer a wide variety of new shows and on-demand radio content, Parker said.

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