“One of my favorite things was going to Capitol Hill and meeting the congressmen and women and senators, and being able to feel the atmosphere of Capitol Hill and be a part of it. We had appointments with our senators and representatives. We got to go through the underground tunnel from the House side to the Senate side. It was really cool.”

Age: 16

School: Catholic High School

Parents: Robert and Rosa Jefferson


Book: “1984”

Music: Hip hop/ rap

Movie: “Gladiator”

TV show: “The Boondocks” on Cartoon Network

Role model: His dad

Hangout: The Mall of Louisiana

Extra: Jefferson was selected to attend the National Young Leaders Conference held in July in Washington. At his high school, he is a member of the Student Council and has attended the Louisiana Association of Student Councils summer workshop at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches for the past two years. He is captain of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a student ambassador and a member of the varsity football and track teams. He also serves as a junior usher at St. Patrick Catholic Church.