“Funny things happen to us seniors, especially in the fourth quarter of life,” says Paul Rozas, of Eunice:

“After church services last Sunday, as my wife and I exited, a young man and (probably) his wife were also exiting.

“He approached me with his hand out and said, ‘Hey, Mr. Paul!’

“So we shook hands as he said his name — Lon Thomassee.

“In the parking lot I asked my wife, ‘Do we know a Lon Thomassee?’

“She said, ‘I don’t think so.’

“‘Didn’t you hear him say his name?’ I asked her.

“‘No,’ she replied.

“‘Honey,’ I said, ‘didn’t you hear him say Lon Thomassee? You were right next to me.’

“‘No,’ said my wife, ‘all I heard him say was “Long time no see.”’”

Not for internal use

“Reading The Advocate has always been an education,” says Marsha Reichle, contributing to our current seminar on genuine fakes:

“Years ago there was a news story in the paper about a robbery of a French Quarter bar.

“Included in the loot, and not commented on in the article, were several cases of ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie Genuine Imitation Scotch Whiskey.’”

The man in the park

Zach Tamburrino, who lives in New Orleans’ French Quarter, writes to let me know that his friend Christalf Domenski died on Feb. 9:

“He used to hang out at Armstrong Park from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. most days.

“He would sit and feed the ducks for hours; he would talk to all the tourists who frequented the park, the locals and the park keepers. In addition he would talk about the history of the city and the fish in the pond.

“He would read the Times-Picayune and the New Orleans Advocate. He especially admired your columns, and got me hooked on them.

“If you can say something about Mr. Domenski it would be appreciated.”

Cheerful giving?

Pat Alba, of Metairie, jogged my memory with this tale, reminding me of Sunday Schools in Episcopal churches in Natchez and Baton Rouge:

“Every year for Lent our Sunday School children were presented with small cardboard banks called ‘mite boxes,’ along with the parable of the poor widow’s sacrifice to the church.

“We were urged to give up some treat, such as candy, and save those pennies to lay at the cross on Easter morning.

“Among ourselves, we re-named our banks ‘might boxes,’ because we MIGHT fill them (back then 40 days without candy was unthinkable).”

Fast talk

Speaking of Lent, Keith Horcasitas passes along this advice:

“Father Mike, an Irish priest, shared some great wisdom at Mass about how to keep a proper perspective during Lent about fasting:

“‘If you become the meanest person because you are giving up chocolate, by all means go back to eating it.’”

Appreciating beauty

Al Bethard sends out a “thank you” to Lafayette Memorial Park “for the beautiful arch that was recently erected at the cemetery’s entrance.

“They have added a significant piece of public sculpture to the Lafayette landscape.”

Special People Dept.

Ena Gordon, of Baton Rouge, celebrates her 100th birthday on Tuesday, Feb. 24.

Sidney Boudreaux, of Morgan City, celebrated his 100th birthday on Feb. 11.

On Thursday, Feb. 19, Lela Dedon celebrated her 95th birthday.

Edna Smith, of Oakwood Village in Zachary, celebrates her 93rd birthday on Tuesday, Feb. 24.

Celebrating a 92nd birthday on Tuesday, Feb. 24, is Rooney “Gab” Davis.

Hamlet Crotwell, of Denham Springs, celebrated his 92nd birthday on Friday, Feb. 20. He is a World War II veteran.

On Sunday, Feb. 22, Lona and Jimmy Chauvin, of Abbeville, celebrated 62 years of marriage.

Walter M. Griffin Sr. and Sydney Belle LeJeuine Griffin, of Brusly, celebrated their 60th anniversary on Feb. 16.

Thought for the Day

From Marvin Borgmeyer: “You haven’t had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine while it’s running!”

Thought for the Day II

From Shirley Fleniken: “Those who say there are no stupid questions have never worked in Customer Service!”

Mixed message

Alex “Sonny” Chapman, of Ville Platte, says, “Claude Nall’s letter in the Friday column about letters, especially closing salutations (English teachers should be proud!) shook some cobwebs.

“As a young attorney, I wrote terse, forceful letters on behalf of clients.

“At Christmas time, our office had a ‘season’s greetings’ at the end of each letter.

“I always thought about the recipients’ reaction to being wished a ‘Happy Holiday’ after being told they were about to be sued.”

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