Patrick Howard, of Zachary, says our recent story about an “all you can eat” crab restaurant “reminds me of the time I went to Shoney’s on Airline (a few years ago).

“I was enjoying their ‘all you can eat’ fish so much that on about the fourth or fifth trip to my table, the waitress asked me, ‘Can I get you anything else — maybe dessert?’

“I figured with that question that maybe it was time for me to finish up my meal.”

Rubbing it in

Roy Pitchford, of Monroe, says, “As LSU was piling on the points against New Mexico State, I was really hoping its final total would be 62, instead of 63.

“After all, when LSU defeated Tulane by the score of 62-0 for the second time, the LSU yearbook described the total as the ‘traditional score.’”

One for Papa

Sonya Gordon explains a photo she sent showing a young lady in Tiger Stadium wearing a Mississippi State maroon jersey in a sea of LSU purple and gold:

“My husband David’s father, the late Jim Gordon of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, was a lifetime Mississippi State fan — a member of the Bulldog Club, had a game day parking space, supported them enthusiastically all his life through their ups and downs.

“Although we are now tried-and-true LSU Tigers after moving to Baton Rouge, David wanted to honor his dad, who died unexpectedly almost a year ago.

“So he and my 9-year-old daughter, Tessa, were committed to go to the LSU-MSU game ‘to honor Papa.’

“David made sure to wear his LSU jersey, but Tessa wore her MSU jersey her grandfather had given her last year to wear to the game.”

Tessa credits her grandfather’s spirit with helping the Bulldogs defeat the Tigers.

Says Sonya, “Hey, we’re a house divided, but family always comes first!”

And don’t inhale!

Corinne Gilder says, “I wanted to share first hand info regarding organic soil.

“If the organic soil is purchased in southwest Louisiana on a day when the temperature is above 90 degrees, remove it from your vehicle when you return home.

“Please trust me that organic soil has been named 100 percent organic for a reason.

“Describing the odor in the vehicle is difficult — until the ingredients are reviewed!”

Nice People Dept.

Tara Chustz Montelaro, of Erwinville, thanks “the nice gentleman in front of me in the drive-through line at Chick-Fil-A on College Drive.

“When I arrived at the window, the clerk told me he’d paid for my meal! Thank you, kind sir. You made my day!”

Tara explains that her day before that had involved multiple trips across the Mississippi River bridge with a sick child — to the doctor, back across to his grandmother’s, then back to her job in Baton Rouge.

She adds, “I will definitely pay that forward!”

Live free

Shlomo Pielstick-Kennedy offers this financial advice: “Since all the insurance companies advertise that you will save several hundred dollars by switching to them, it seems that if you switched insurance companies every couple of months, in a year or so you’d be getting free insurance.

“That’s a pretty good deal.”

The less fortunate

Jay Watson says he overheard granddaughter Brooke saying her prayers one night:

“After praying her usual prayers (for the sick, soldiers, her grandparents, etc.), she says, ‘I will also pray for the people who don’t make it on ‘The Voice,’ and the girls who get cut from the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.’

Jay asks, “Ya think maybe too much TV…?”

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