In an election year, it’s appropriate that our Official Christmas Poem, by John Engelsman, deals with a political figure:


Dashing up the road,

Keeping to the right;

Soon we’ll reach Des Moines,

What a lovely sight.

Folks up here are swell,

Hope they see the light;

If they ring my bell,

Who knows, I just might

Reach the promised land

That they call D.C.;

With a helping hand,

Achieve the presidency, hey.

Jindal Bells, Jindal Bells,

Jindal all the way;

Pesky press in Louisiane

Keeps getting in my way, hey.

Jindal Bells, Jindal Bells,

Jindal all the way;

Pesky press in Louisiane

Keeps getting in my way.

As the Twinkie crumbles

Dusty Kling says the theme of the 2013 Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade (Feb. 9), as always, reflects a Major News Event. This year it’s “A Spanish Town Twinkie Ate My Ding Dong.”

(You should have seen the ones that didn’t make the cut …)

Robert King has been named king, Dusty says, “because we thought it was just cool to call him King King.”

Gerald Woods, a Spanish Town resident, will be grand marshal, because it gives the parade organizers who don’t live down there a place to crash.

And the queen is the lovely and talented Whitney Vann of WBRZ-TV, a longtime float judge and noted bon vivant.

Good to the bone

Gail Stephenson says, “The item on eating a fried chicken po-boy — one bite of bread, one bite of chicken — solved a mystery for me.

“In 1975 my husband Joe worked at a steel foundry in Shreveport.

“Foodies think food trucks are a 21st century innovation, but way back then the Floyd’s BBQ truck made the rounds of the plants.

“One popular lunch item was the rib sandwich. (This was before the days of McRib, or even baby back ribs — these were REAL ribs.)

“For years Joe and I have wondered how anyone ate a rib sandwich. But now I know — one bite of bread, one bite of ribs.”

Good Samaritans

Misty Baker says, “A friend’s house burned down recently. While at Wal-Mart one night a wonderful couple came up and paid her almost $600 in store purchases! The man slid his card, smiled and walked off. God bless this couple!”

Trees, toys, music

  • Annie Fugler says you’re encouraged to bring a new, unwrapped toy for Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard’s Christmas Crusade for Children to the Denham Springs Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Train Station Park at 7 p.m. Monday.

There will be Christmas carols, readings and performances by the Livingston Parish Children’s Choir and the Denham Springs High School Band. Hot chocolate will be served.

  • The Baton Rouge Concert Band’s Christmas Concert is at 3 p.m. Sunday in St. Joseph Cathedral downtown.

“The acoustics in the cathedral are wonderful, and we have some great pieces we will be performing,” says Kristina Shapiro.

Worthy causes

Eastside Lemonators, which raises funds to fight cancer, says Santa Fe Cattle Company restaurant in Prairieville will donate 10 percent of sales from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday to the group.

You must present a flyer to participate. Visit to copy the flyer, or pick one up at the restaurant. Online donations can be made at

Special People Dept.

  • Inez Lirette celebrates a special day — her 101st birthday Friday.
  • Audrey Arnoult Roccaforte celebrated her 100th birthday Wednesday.
  • Bessie Schumacher, of Whealdon Estates, celebrates her 99th birthday Sunday.
  • Chester Guidry, of Central, celebrates his 96th birthday Friday.
  • Mollie Pierson Olds celebrates her 96th birthday Saturday. Son-in-law Mike Gauthier says Mollie “continues to equate her longevity to her daily breakfast of Krispy Kreme doughnuts fried in a generous amount of ‘buddah.’ As you may surmise, she is not a great fan of what she describes as ‘cardboard-tasting health foods.’”
  • Frances B. Williams celebrates her 95th birthday Saturday.
  • Adele Jewell McKinney, of Greenwell Springs, celebrates her 95th birthday Sunday.

Hazardous headgear

Michael Hale says, “While I was watching the James Bond movie ‘Goldfinger’ it occurred to me that Les Miles has the most feared hat since Oddjob.”

Clean slate

Mary McConnell teaches primary music enrichment at Lake Elementary School in St. Amant.

She says, “Last week I had the fourth-graders sing ‘Silent Night.’

“We went over the words in German, and sang in both English and German.

“One student raises his hand and asks, ‘Miss Mary, is it true that a virgin is a woman who doesn’t have a tattoo?’”

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