Fall arrived Wednesday — at least that’s what the calendar says. The temperature in south Louisiana begs to differ.

Doesn’t matter. I’ve been fighting off fall fever long before autumn’s official first day.

The first hints of the season make me crave hearty, one-bowl meals and rustic dishes of salty, tender meats and root vegetables soaking in dark, rich sauces.

Coq au vin is perfect for dinner outside under twinkle lights at dusk, just as the sun and the temperature slip down and the day turns from hot to heavenly.

Coq au vin, a classic French dish, is traditionally made with chicken, mushrooms, onions, bacon or another salt porklike pancetta, and herbs cooked in red wine. While most recipes vary slightly, these are the elements that make a dish coq au vin.

It also can be made with a white wine, such as coq au riesling, or dry red wine, like pinot noir or Burgundy.

Serve coq au vin with hearty mashed or roasted potatoes.

Coq au vin is a beautiful dish. Its warm, rich flavors are perfect for those first few nips in the night air.

Savor it with any full-bodied red wine left over from cooking, and your fall fever will be fed … at least until you catch that first whiff of all things pumpkin spice.