It started two years ago.

Shannon Smith, her husband Andrew, Carol Lacour and Mitchell Naquin wanted to bring local, creative businesses to the Nicholson corridor.

Now, after one-and-a-half years of renovation on a building that was formerly the St. Vincent du Paul warehouse, the building owners are ready to debut a new shopping center, 1010 Nic, at 1010 Nicholson Drive.

The space includes Contemporain Art Gallery, the furniture and upholstery/interior design spot Denicola’s, Jeannie Frey Rhodes Photography, the Mercer Supply Co. salon, Monochrome interior design, the clothing store Noelie Harmon and the architectural design firm The Front Door.

On Thursday, Oct. 8, 1010 Nic will celebrate its grand opening from 5 p.m.-9 p.m. The event features live music from The Easy and the Dat’z Italian wood-fired pizza and Smashburger food trucks.

To get a little perspective, Shannon Smith spoke about the businesses, timing and creative minds behind 1010 Nic.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill type stores — is that what you were going for?

That was the idea from the start. We wanted local businesses. We had some that were seeking us out, wanting to be a part of it, and we had others that we asked to be a part of it. We were more than surprised that some of these businesses were asking. It’s been a great mix of tenants, though. We are so lucky. They’re all creative. We couldn’t have picked it better.

What was it about these businesses that struck you?

They all deal with design, and they’re all artsy, but they are stand alone. They’ve made a name for themselves, but they all feed off each other. They all have their own niche, and that’s what we liked about the mix of businesses. It’s been a great vibe so far.

Why did you and the other owners decide to bring 1010 Nic to this area?

It was an historical building, a cool warehouse. We didn’t want to see someone tear it down or do something else with it. We saw an opportunity to make it something really cool. I think the entire Nicholson corridor is about to blow up and be something bigger than what it is now.

Did you see a need for something like this in the area?

Yeah, there’s really no retail downtown. We figured that we all wanted to put more retail in that area. When you go, you have the furniture store, an art gallery ... it’s a place where you get a service, then you could get a haircut. But, it’s more of an intimate setting-style one-stop shop.

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