“It’s gone viral/national,” says Alex “Sonny” Chapman, of Ville Platte.

He’s referring to this event:

At ESPN Game Day on Saturday in Oxford, Mississippi, singer Katy Perry used a corn dog prop to pick Auburn to beat LSU (“Boy, was she right!” says Alex).

He goes on to explain what I found to be a puzzling action:

“We Louisiana Tigers are derisively referred to around the SEC as ‘Corndoggers’ because of the way we smell — if, heaven forbid, they get up close and personal to us.

“My theory is that the smell comes from our world renowned cooking, both at home before the game or while tailgating.

“The aroma of culinary masterpieces does get in one’s clothes.

“So, the choice is ours, Tiger fans: start eating microwaved hot dogs before the game and please these sensitive folks, OR keep being who we are!”

The price is right

Basil Hendry adds to our seminar on Louisiana seafood:

“In Seaside, Florida, last fall, the waiter at a local restaurant apologized for not having Appalachicola oysters:

“‘They’ve closed the bay to oyster harvesting; I’m sorry, but all we have are Louisiana oysters.’

“They were $7 a dozen; I had just driven in from Baton Rouge, where they were $12 a dozen.

“She got no complaints from me!

“I drove back through New Orleans — they were $19 a dozen in the French Quarter!”

A Dom shame

Bill Quinn says our story about a French ship hosting Exxon workers — and serving California wine — reminds him of another “Exxon and wine” story:

“About 20 years ago, Exxon moved their massive headquarters from New Jersey to Dallas.

“As luck would have it, we were living in Frisco, Texas, at that time, and I had won the contract for my specialty for the new headquarters.

“An Exxon employee and I went from room to room planning my products.

“When we entered in the executive vault, I asked, ‘Are you going to celebrate the new headquarters with that case of Dom Perignon champagne?’

“She said it was a big mix-up. The case was shipped from France to Dallas for a meeting.

“The meeting was in France!”

The littlest critics

Nickie Helouin says her two daughters attended their first LSU football game with their dad, Dr. Brent Helouin, and didn’t seem to be overly thrilled by their initial visit to Tiger Stadium.

Teddy, 14, asked, “Why is the crowd chanting and going crazy? LSU hasn’t even scored a touchdown yet!”

And Carleigh, 8, questioned all the hype she’d heard about Mike the Tiger:

“That’s not a real Tiger — that’s just a man in a tiger suit!”

Angel sighting

Lorraine Kraus, of Metairie, thanks a “guardian angel:”

“Two weeks ago, coming from Baton Rouge after lunch with my granddaughter, an LSU freshman, my car was rear-ended on the interstate near the Williams Boulevard exit.

“When I was hit, my trunk flew open and I did not see who hit me.

“I immediately pulled over to the side of the road.

“A nice gentlemen also pulled over, told me he was a volunteer fireman, and wanted to see if I was hurt.

“I told him I was just shaken up.

“He said he didn’t see the accident, but a car had just pulled off the side of the road about a half-mile away.

“When the police came, I told them what the gentleman had said.

“They investigated, and found the person who hit me. Had that nice man not stopped, I would never have known.”

Looking for stuff

Versie Jones says her dad sent home audio tapes from his days with the Army in Vietnam. She’d like for her grandchild to hear them, but needs a reel-to-reel tape player. If you can help, she’s at (225) 775-3721.

Special People Dept.

Mae Hughes, of Prairieville, celebrates her 97th birthday on Tuesday, Oct. 7.

Noelie Barnett celebrated her 92nd birthday on Monday, Oct. 6.

Elise Tate, of Baton Rouge, celebrated her 90th birthday on Monday, Oct. 6.

Texisms revisited

Tales of the late Tex Carpenter, WAFB-TV’s great weatherman, brought back these memories:

Redean Parsons says, “Tex always seemed to like giving the low temperature in Minot, North Dakota, because it was so cold in the winter.

“One night the map showed the temperature to be zero.

“Tex said, ‘The temperature tonight in Minot is NOTHING.’ ”

Jerry Lyons, of Hammond, says, “Once while watching Tex’s rainy weather report on TV, pointing to the map he said. ‘We got weather all over the state.’

“I’ve used that one a few times since then.”

Jim Dumigan recalls a classic spoonerism by Tex, when he meant to tell of a warm air mass approaching Louisiana but instead told of a warm mare’s, uh, rear, hitting the state.

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