Looking for some more live rock and jazz shows in the Capital City? Mid City might have the concerts you're searching for, and the venue could open by this summer. 

James Fogle said he and Steve Levine will open Mid City Ballroom at 136 S. Acadian Thruway this summer. Fogle is hoping to open by June but hasn't set a target date yet. 

The venue is formerly housed in Mountain Faith Ministry. Fogle said he and Levine bought the property in August 2016. The space will also house Fogle's popular local musical instrument shop, Baton Rouge Music Exchange

"We're moving the shop into the space," Fogle said. "We'll also have a bunch of big spaces with room for drum lessons, acoustic guitar. … The main big space is the sanctuary, and that's where we'll have the live music venue."

Fogle said the venue will have capacity for 250 to 300 patrons. 

"We'll have big, loud rock shows, jazz shows, blues shows and all-ages shows," Fogle said. "The space can also be rented out for receptions and galas.

The goal at Mid City Ballroom is to "bring back live music to the area," Fogle said. 

"We want to have a place where we can get those mid-level touring bands we have been missing," he added. 

Fogle said a new space was essential for Baton Rouge Music Exchange. He has needed more space for his growing inventory since the Perkins Road shop opened. 

"It's gotten crazy, and I've actively been looking for more space," he said. "This was perfect. It's going to be superfine." 

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