“Damn good coffee” ... and drag queens _lowres

Photo provided by Erin Arledge -- The Delta Mouth Drag Ball will raise money for the Delta Mouth Literary Festival in the spring. Some participants will include, from left, John Adams, of the band NANCY, Kim Vodicka, Jordy Marilyn and Adam Atkinson.

The quirky, supernatural world of “Twin Peaks,” David Lynch’s early ’90s television series, developed a long-lasting cult following.

But it was missing something.

“It’s very campy, but it could stand to be more queered up,” said Kim Vodicka, a poet and graduate of LSU’s master of fine arts creative writing program.

This year’s Delta Mouth Drag Ball, a party benefitting the springtime Delta Mouth Literary Festival, will encourage gender-bending versions of Agent Dale Cooper, Sheriff Harry S. Truman and other favorite characters from Lynch’s show. Based in a small Pacific Northwest town, “Twin Peaks” portrayed the seedy underbelly of a small town after the homecoming queen, Laura Palmer, was murdered.

“I keep having to specify this is ‘Twin Peaks,’ the early 90s TV show, not the titty restaurant,” Vodicka said.

She added that the goal of the Delta Mouth drag balls are to take a theme and “make it more over the top than it might already be.”

Over the past four years, the Delta Mouth event has grown from a small party to a huge ball with DJs, bands and experienced drag queens performing along with a crowd composed of elaborate, creative outfits. Past themes — including Prom and Fast Food — have been more broad, but Vodicka, a “Twin Peaks” fan, said the timing was perfect for a drag party inspired by the show as a new series is expected next year on the Showtime network.

For the ball, the Spanish Moon upstairs and downstairs bars will serve as the White and Black Lodges of “Twin Peaks” mythology. The popular bar and music venue is not a common setting for drag shows, Vodicka said.

“It’s not a typical occurrence,” Vodicka said. “I think it opens people’s eyes a little bit. A lot of people are seeing something new.”

DJs Matsy and Ganz Feld will appear, and Nancy, whom Vodicka describes as a “queer-core computer thrash band,” will make a special appearance.

Guests aren’t expected to strictly stick to the theme, Vodicka said, but the possibilities should bring out party-goers’ creative sides.

“I’m expecting what always happens, which is tons of surprises,” Vodicka said. “This particular one will be interesting, because I think we’ll have lots of duplicate costumes, so lots of doppelgangers walking around the Black Lodge.”