Eat Your Vegetables: Roasted vegetables an easy appetizer _lowres

Photo by Corinne Cook -- For an easy appetizer everyone will enjoy prepare Roasted Baby Okra, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots and Onion.

I have trouble passing up small okra pods because I really like them roasted.

You don’t have to cut off the stem end because it makes a neat handle if you serve the okra as appetizers. The small or baby pods can be roasted whole, but the larger okra pods should be cut crosswise into chunks.

If I’m going to roast vegetables, it’s hard for me to do just one vegetable, as in this case. I had the okra but added carrot strips, Brussels sprouts and a few thick onion slices.

To caramelize or brown the vegetables, make sure you dry them well before oiling them, otherwise they steam. I served my platter of vegetables as appetizers. Leftover roasted vegetables are good in omelets, in green or pasta salads, or tossed with feta cheese and served in a wrap.