School spirit appropriate for every kind of dress code _lowres


When Travis and I moved to Crowley from New Orleans in 1984, we were able to obtain LSU season football tickets. What a delight that was for two alums!

The last time we had attended an LSU game was in the early ’70s. Everyone dressed up for the occasion — men in ties and coats and women in dresses and high heels.

On the day of the first game, we donned our finest apparel and headed for Tiger Stadium, only to find out quickly that we were as out of place as a bull in a china closet. People were in casual attire, wearing purple and gold LSU shirts and caps and khaki pants.

We proceeded to the campus bookstore where we purchased our uniforms — purple shirts and gold sweatshirts, which we wore proudly each week.

Then came homecoming. We excitedly arrived at the campus early to participate in some of the activities. To our surprise and chagrin, everyone was dressed up! Again, we felt out of place.

While resting on a bench near the Student Union, a photographer asked to take our picture. He said we represented the spirit of LSU.

To our amazement, that picture appeared in the next issue of the Alumni News. Although our names were not mentioned, a lot of people recognized us. Calls and letters came from all over from folks we had known through the years.

We got it right after all. What fun it all was!

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