Regarding our mention of newspaper bloopers, Phoebe Thompson says the Clinton Watchman had a sense of humor about one of its bloopers:

“It was 20 or 30 years ago when we had a robbery at one of the Clinton banks.

“The headline in The Watchman was ‘Robber fleas with bank bag.’

“The following week the paper published several humorous cartoons with fleas running off with money bags in their hands.”

Speaking of bloopers

Sarah Stravinska, of Chestnut, says, “Your blooper stories remind me of one about Crisco.

“When it first came out it was in a can, and looked and cooked like lard.

“One of the features commercials bragged about was that no refrigeration was required.

“The blooper — spoken by, I think, Paul Harvey on the radio — was, ‘It stays for weeks and reeks on your shelf.’ ”

Flight school?

Harold Mayeux says, “L.P. Miller asked about the football program of the College of Cardinals. I thought it was an advanced training school for birds.”

Double switch

A milk delivery story from Donald Kershaw:

“When I started dating my wife, Betty Kleinpeter, in 1952, my mother was taking milk from Louisiana Creamery.

“I asked her to change to Kleinpeter Dairy, and she agreed to do so.

“On her next delivery date, she was shocked to see her old milkman, Homer Jackson, leaving milk at her door.

“She quickly told him, ‘There must be a mistake. I changed to Kleinpeter Dairy.’

“He laughed and said, ‘So did I.’ ”

A shining moment

Jacqueline “Jackie” Carr, of Slidell, thanks Adler’s Jewelers in Towne Center for the free polishing of the silver U.S. Army Air Corps wings of her late father, Alfred E. Carr Jr.

The wings were being prepared for an exhibit at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, “Guests of the Third Reich: American POWs in Europe.”

The Boeing Freedom Pavilion there will exhibit a P-51D Mustang like the one he flew until he was downed over Germany in 1945 and captured.

Cheering news

On a gloomy winter day, it’s nice to get a note like this one from Jason Bourgeois:

“I spotted my first three purple martins of the season! Two males and one female.”

Worthy causes

Howard Bolton says Monday lunches help the “Fill a Prescription for the Needy” program, to aid St. Vincent de Paul’s free prescriptions.

A spaghetti lunch will be served Monday from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in front of Baton Rouge Clinic, 7373 Perkins Rd.

On March 4, gumbo lunches will be served, with jambalaya on March 18. Lunches are $6.

There will be drive-up curb service, or call (225) 383-7837 to order in advance.

Howard says Pat Shingleton will be there. But don’t let that stop you from coming out — it’s for a good cause.

Bead source

Karen Watts says beads for your St. Patrick’s Day parade are available at the Livingston Activity Center in Walker, a nonprofit work center for adults with mental disabilities.

Call (225) 664-7384.

Special People Dept.

  • Lucille Simon Gendron, of Williamsburg Retirement Community, celebrates her 96th birthday Saturday. She is a native of Vacherie.
  • Lillian T. Bouchereau, of Donaldsonville, celebrates her 95th birthday Saturday. Her brother, O.J. “Ki Ki” Templet, also of Donaldsonville, celebrates his 92nd birthday Saturday.
  • Jo Hughes celebrates her 90th birthday Saturday at lunch with her children at New Orleans’ Commander’s Palace.
  • Ed Labat celebrates his 90th birthday Saturday with a dance party. Son Wade J. “Papa Bear” Labat says Ed is often mistaken for Wade’s brother — his younger brother.
  • Murphy and Mildred Breaux, of Plaquemine, celebrated their 60th anniversary Thursday.

She’s no alien!

Betty Moess Maggiore says, “My childhood friend Lena was helping me with my son’s 5th birthday party.

“Let me mention that we are both of Italian descent. Lena has a beautiful olive complexion that I wish I had!

“A child walked up to her and asked, ‘Are you tan from the sun?’

“Her quick response was, ‘No. I’m Lena from the earth.’ ”

Do the math!

Mike Starks says, “My granddaughter Reagan, who turned 4 Jan. 28, was jumping on the trampoline with Noah, who lives next door.

“The two children appeared to be the same size, thus the same age.

“I asked Noah how old he was and he responded, ‘4.’

“To determine how many months difference in age they were, I then asked Noah, ‘When did you turn 4?’

“Noah seemed taken aback by my question and responded, ‘Right after 3,’ with a look as though to imply, ‘Where did you learn to count?’ ”

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