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Bob and Julie Kay on the set of 'Live with Kelly and Ryan.' Bob's LSU cap got Georgia native Ryan Seacrest talking SEC Championship football.

Was that LSU-Georgia trash talking going on this morning on "Live with Kelly and Ryan"?

Seems host Ryan Seacrest had a little something to say about the LSU baseball cap Bob Kay, of Baton Rouge, was wearing. 

Seacrest, a native of Dunwoody, Georgia, will, of course, be cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs when they play LSU in Saturday's SEC Championship game.  

Bob is a big LSU fan, and wore his cap to prove it.

The funny thing is that it wasn't the cap that got Bob and wife, Julie, on the "Fan Favorite" part of the show.

The couple was among the first in line for the show in New York, and, after filling out a short questionnaire, were picked to meet the famous duo. And it was because of what Julie wrote. She noted that she had written her “What a Crock” cooking column for 23 years for The Advocate, and that intrigued Kelly Ripa.

“Slow cooking, the art form: She wrote a slow-cooker cookbook, all you food snobs out there, because now slow cooking is all the rage, but back ... years ago, people, they frowned upon it, did they not, Julie?” Ripa asked.

"They did," Julie replied.

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Then, the football rivalry heated up at microwave speed.

“And I see your husband’s hat says ‘LSU.’ Georgia-LSU this weekend," Seacrest said. Go "Dawgs! We’re coming after you.”

“I don’t know what any of that means,” Ripa said.

“It’s a big game this weekend,” Seacrest explained.

Julie replied affirmatively yes when Ripa asked if she would be making something in the slow-cooker for the game.

“OK, I’ll be at your house, then,” Ripa said.